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  1. chuck martel says:

    Certified by the Green Burial Council! Which is composed of these people:

    Who we are » Board/officers


    Brian Flowers, President, is the Cemeterian and Green Burial Coordinator for Greenacres Memorial Park and Moles Family Funeral Homes and Crematory in Washington State. Brian developed and oversees operations for the first Natural Burial Ground in an existing traditional cemetery to be certified by the Green Burial Council.

    Alan Creedy, Director, is a certified public accountant who has worked in the field of funeral service for more than three decades. Co-founder of Trust 100, Alan is a widely recognized figure in the industry. He is also the current chairman of the Funeral Service Foundation.

    Adam McLain, Director, is the Director of Operations for The Nature Conservancy’s Indiana Chapter. Adam worked in the for-profit business world for 10 years before transitioning to the non-profit conservation sector. His enthusiasm for the protection of wildlife and wild places stems from a lifelong love of the outdoors and the recreation and enjoyment it has provided him and his family.

    Barb Milton, Director, is Vice President of Community Relations for Flanner-Buchanan, the largest privately held funeral/cemetery company in the United States. Barb is the “green” point person for the firm and has been instrumental in helping it embrace more eco-friendly practices and products in its funeral centers and cemeteries.

    Katey Bean, Director, is a landscape architect in Washington state whose practice includes ecological restoration. Her thesis on green cemeteries earned an award from the Washington chapter of the American Society of Landscape Architecs in 2006. Katey is interested in how green cemeteries can connect people in meaningful ways to their local environment.

    John Eric Rolfstad, Director, is the Executive Director for the PEOPLE’S MEMORIAL Association (PMA) in Washington state; the oldest and largest nonprofit memorial society. In addition, he is Executive Director of the PEOPLE’S MEMORIAL Funeral Cooperative which is a member owned funeral home in Seattle, WA. Involved in social change for over 30 years, John Eric has also served on the national boards of Lutherans Concerned and Lutheran Gay and Lesbian Ministries.

    • Harry says:

      For a minute I thought you were making it up, Chuck, with Mr. Flowers and the moles family.

      I guess this avoids the combustion involved in cremation, right?

      Note the ad does not mention much lower prices for a green burial. Guess the margin is pretty good.

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