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This exciting event may be coming to your campus too: Recycle-Mania.Here are my favorite parts:

 there will be a Ban the Bottle Panel hosted by Dining’s Team Green

Also throughout the competition, EcoReps will be on the lookout for students, faculty, and staff to be caught “green handed”! You can get caught and win a prize for recycling, turning off lights, using a reusable mug or water bottle, or other similar green habits anywhere around campus.

And be sure to look for the panel addressing the question, “is any of this actually green?” Two last points.

(1) I can’t imagine why certain student groups on campus do not also get in on the fun. If I were the President of the College Republicans, for example, I would try to be the lead sponsor of this. Instead, they allow all of the typical partisan lines on issues like this be drawn.

(2) Can you imagine the reaction to a series of events celebrating the free-market and all of the wonderful things it has delivered for the world?

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  1. Speedmaster says:

    I would add the weight of your car to the competition. I presume you recycle your car and drive the same one each day, not throwing it out and buying a new one each day? That’s recycling, no?

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