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Maybe I should just turn the blog into a bunch of links to stuff you should actually spend time reading. Here are some for your Sunday morning reflection:

  • Next! Now the Mayor of NYC pushes for a ban on … styrofoam cups.  By the way, there is a literature on this. Banning styrofoam will save on some resource and increase the use of others. Go find out for yourselves. I am sure the Mayor and his team of central nannies did that research and concluded that this still made sense, right?

  • Government schools in Maryland now wish to take ownership of little Timmy’s drawing of his Mom and Dad in Kindergarten class. And his teacher’s creative way of helping them. There are many angles to take on this, but it’s not like we need to do things to discourage any talented people from working in the K12 sector, do we?
  • When we make commercial buildings more energy efficient, we seem to … use … more … energy.
  • Paul Krugman not only thinks your stupid … see here and here (health and budgets).
  • A Dr. whose head is not inserted in his rear: Dr. Carson supports proportional (don’t use the word “flat” it has been demagogued already) taxes and health savings accounts. Two obviously good ideas which will never see daylight.
  • Good enough for thee, but not for me: the Teamsters edition.

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  1. Michael says:

    I was told, “You really are a subversive” this morning when I shared the third link at work with a few people. Thanks!

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