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We’re doomed?

The joke that is the Behavioral Movement?

A reason to purchase a firearm?

(click the image for a link, and check out the next project we are going to be treated to: a defense of your ability to stop me from having more children)

Nonetheless, I enjoy living in a world where all manner of stuff likes this crosses my desk. I don’t enjoy one where mental erections are had by reading the titles of such works. It should, in my mind, strike fear into you. And remember parents, you are paying $60,000 per year so your child can major in Cherokee Poetry Studies and be trained to think like this.

I’m going to brew some more of my own beer this weekend and rewatch Braveheart. And yes, I know, they kill him in the end.

12 Responses to “I Don’t Know What to File This Under”

  1. Trapper_John says:

    Sweet wounded Jesus. Well, at least she has the courage of her convictions to say plainly what mealy-mouthed progressives really mean: “doing what YOU want to do is over-rated; doing what WE want you to do is appropriate.”

  2. Dan L. says:

    You should watch the science fiction film ‘Brazil’ if you haven’t seen that. That might be more relevant.

  3. Charles Bovary says:

    “…she argues that we are so often irrational in making our decisions that our autonomous choices often undercut the achievement of our own goals. Thus in many cases it would advance our goals more effectively if government were to prevent us from acting in accordance with our decisions.”
    I’m morbidly fascinated. Christopher Hitchens’ response to government-mandated free speech restrictions comes to mind: “Who’s going to decide… to determine in advance what are the harmful consequences going to be that we know enough about in advance to prevent? To whom would you give this job?”

  4. Harry says:

    That gal would not like someone protecting her from the hazards of kayaking on a Maine lake.

    • Harry says:

      What I wonder is whether there is a single student at Bowdoin brave enough to chew her up in class. Forget her ideas about having children, which may have come from Peter Singer. I am sure she tests well, having gotten into Princeton, but I wonder if affirmative action displaced a smart Jewish guy from Queens. Hey, she has a PhD from Cornell, right?

      She gets to wear the same Torquemanda hat Wintercow wears at commencement, but with a Carnival Cruise life jacket.

    • sherlock says:

      Pretty simple logic too according to her. She’s taking a risk that she may fall into the water and need to be saved. This puts the people who try to rescue her in harms way. Therefore, kayaking is sufficiently dangerous to others. But don’t worry, “fair” restrictions on kayaking would not result in me coming to her house with a baseball bat and destroying her kayak.

      • sherlock says:

        Actually I think it is better to argue to her that she shouldn’t be kayaking because it takes up the resources of the other boaters/kayakers and her being out on the lake increases the dangers to the other lake goers. It’s Boater Overpopulation 101.

  5. Harry says:


  6. RIT_Rich says:

    Meh. Philosophy. What do you expect?

  7. sherlock says:

    “If population growth is sufficiently dangerous, it is fair for us to impose restrictions on how many children we can give birth to.”

    Way to write a book on a faulty premise!

  8. Harry says:

    Trapper, you make a good point about her being candid.

    I wonder where the grant that paid for the book cover came from, with the buckling seat belts. Maybe the cover was done by somebody in the Bowdoin art department, but I bet there was money, maybe authorized by Gene Sperling, to stimulate the Maine economy. This is beneficial, since the money was spent immediately, and the drug dealer spent it immediately on a Range Rover, the velocity of the money creating more than enough prosperity to take care of you and me.

  9. Brian says:

    As i have often read on this site, it is a mistake to let someone make a decision who doesn’t bear any of the costs. The government almost always exempts itself from its laws – did anyone from the FBI go to prison for selling guns to Mexican drug lords, does congress even pretend to comply with ADA or EEOC law? When the government allows any citizen to give the President a ticket for not wearing a seat belt then i may consider voluntarily relinquishing some freedom, until then it is just more thirst for power disguised as being “helpful.”

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