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And since they’re from the earth, you know they’re good for the earth

So are people.

So is CO2.
And CH4.
And hot lava.
And uranium?

And what about organic oil? After all, those evil tar sands were not PUT there by Exxon (or were they?). They come from the earth. So let’s use ’em and when they end up back in the earth you KNOW they must be good for the earth.

Those healthy phthalides are the foundation for many harmful dyes and even fungicides.

And while that tea is a more “sustainable” crop than, say, corn, what about the thousands of miles and all of that packaging required to get from farm to cup?

Gosh, it’s not easy being Green.

In other news, Steven Chu is coming to speak to us at graduation on the virtues of playing green hedge fund manager. I hope he enjoys a cup of tea (Fair Trade of course) at our lovely picnic table. Not a surprising choice. You can read much about his legacy as Energy Czar here – note that this doesn’t mean he isn’t a fantastic scientist. I am pretty optimistic that he’ll at least get his “facts” straighter than previous honored commencement speaker Louise Slaughter, who during her commencement address famously argued that more children are murdered in Chicago each year than are killed in the entire USA from all accidents and murders. No one of course noticed. No one occupied her office. Etc. Well, you get the point.

4 Responses to “Green Insight of the Week”

  1. sherlock says:

    Just yesterday I had to take the fragrance out of one of our EPA-registered disinfectants becasue it contained DEP (deithyl phthalate)…

  2. Harry says:

    Mr. Chu wants to paint everybody’s roof white, the same color of all of the roofs of Rochester from December to March. Sort of like a venture socialist Christo.

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