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Read about it here. Just a little more research is all they want, that’s all. Sure. Can we get a 2 year moratorium on ______ (insert comment here)?

UPDATE: It just came to my attention that paleoclimatologists have just published the “killer” temperature reconstruction that tells us that today’s temperature are as hot as they have ever been since civilization began. I think we need a little more time to study. Tell me what is different in my claim than the one that motivated this post? And by the way, I did not realize civilization began 2,000 years ago. Who knew the warmists were hardcore conservative Christians?

By the way, THAT science is not settled. Check out the anti-skeptic page trying to debunk the 10,000 year temperature reconstruction.  The recent “killer” paper does have the “virtue” of representing more than regional temperature data. For details on how all of this is done, I do recommend AW Montford’s book.

The fun part of all of this urinating at each other is this. It doesn’t matter. Global warming ain’t killing us and it won’t kill us unless we make it. So have fun fellas.

3 Responses to “NY Close to Additional 2 Year Moratorium on Fracking”

  1. Michael says:

    To bad they couldn’t do that for things like Obamacare or the various stimuli, cash for clunkers, etc.

  2. Harry says:

    Well, every day I wake up, I do not worry about climate change, whatever the direction has been predicted. Notice that the global warming folks, including the liberals on the Weather Channel, hedge their bets in favor of climate change, a certainty. Are there deniers who say the global! climate will not change when our children’s children’s grandchildren reach maturity?

    When I had 125 Wintercows to feed and care for, this time of year was when I had an inventory in my head of how much hay we had in the barn and how much silage was left in three silos, which was a function of how good the weather was last summer and fall. When one’s money is involved, one pays close attention to the weather, but when the sun shines, you make hay even if afternoon showers are predicted.

    I read that a climate change conference was cancelled in Washington in anticipation of a predicted snow storm this week.

    I looked for a Sierra Club disclaimer about their prediction of whether their DC office would be closed, and found none,

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