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You’ll “love” the saga of a campground manager trying to get a permit to fill a hole in the ground that was left after a large tree had been felled from that spot. I used to ask my grandparents when they were alive why the ever decided to leave their beautiful villages in Italy for the dirty, crowded streets of Queens, NY. I am starting to learn why.

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  1. Harry says:

    Sympathies to Coyote’s friend.

    Last fall I bought a Ford 8N tractor to replace the one that was blown when an employee thought the oil pressure gauge was broken. It will pull my WWII trailer down to the creek to dispose of organic (!) waste which I will not describe here.

    When I was playing golf today on a course that adjoins our property, I saw a huge oak tree that had been snapped off, maybe at ten feet high, by the hurricane.Happily, the tree rests not across the creek, but along the bank. My nephew has a big chain saw, and he will cut it up, before the county gets involved, concerned with carbon emissions.

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