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Oh, Just Great

So now my university is so awesome, that we celebrate the fact that we are a “spotlighted” institution that supports and advances the Department of Energy’s scientific research programs. Yes, indeed. Using taxpayer funds to promote politically favored research projects. Wasn’t the synfuels program DoE? And Solyndra? And Fisker? And who knows what other projects lurk.  That’s exactly the spirit of entrepreneurial discovery, of the pursuit of knowledge for knowledge’s sake, that is the essence of the University. 

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  1. Former Student says:

    I recently took what I will call a, ‘government sponsored,’ energy management course. Hearing from the ‘distinguished guests,’ such as the Assistant to the SECNAV on Energy I was ready to blow a gasket. On the conclusion of the first day they aired a 1970’s video by Dr. Bartlett (University of Colorado) essentially using Malthusian scare tactics (suprise, his predictions flopped yet literally are being regurgitated). The DoN is willing to pay 40, 50 dollars a gallon on synthetic fuels so they can use the tag line, “the great green fleet….” The goals made out by the President, Congress, and SECNAV will NOT be met….Reduction of shore facilities by 50% by 2020 is a great goal, and lets go for it. However 50% Net-Zero (renewable) is expensive with no return on investment for at least 30-40 years….besides the fact that they have changed the definition countless times (lowering expectations). The next time you hear Military brass complain about budget cuts, ask: Why is the Department of the Navy trying to do the job of the Department of Energy, while Aircraft Carriers stay homeported and have maintenence delayed? The reason is unfortunately that in a time of global unrest, the Secretary of the Navy is said to have Energy as his number two priority. We have military leaders doing what is politically advantageous vs. making sure the essential mission is met. Energy independece is important for security, but windfarms, solar panels, and 40$/gallon flex fuels are not the solution.

    On another side note : I’m dissapointed my alma-mater isn’t investing hydrofracking technology when a booming economy sits in their backyard. Get students involved with an industry that has huge growth potential; The Mechanical, Chemical, and Geomechanical Engineering Depts could actually serve their student body well by working hand in hand with companies that will employ them upon graduation.

    • Harry says:

      Good to hear from Former Student, Former Rizzoized Student.

      Yeah, I read the same thing about our Green Navy. The next thing will be CAFE standards for the smaller fleet.

      Some may not recall that the DOE is a relatively new cabinet department, created in the early years of the Carter administration, and one of its first projects was the synfuels program. Another program was the new/old oil and gas pricing system, and the plan to handle gasoline station lines with odd and even license plates. This occurred long before you were born, and since then the DOE has gotten a lot smarter.

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