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Without much comment, I suggest you read the interview Wonkblog does with the patient. The entire tone, the selection of the interview candidate, the questions not asked, etc. encapsulates almost everything that can possibly be wrong with (insert noun here). If I were a betting person, I might even bet that the interview was made embellished or primed.

2 Responses to “A Patient from Oregon Talks About The Medicaid Findings”

  1. Aaron McNay says:

    I must say, I total agree with this statement Mary Carson made: “Some people have completely lost track of what health insurance is supposed to be.” In fact, I think this statement basically sums up half the problems we are having with the health care / health insurance system in this county. Unfortunately, it seems we are moving further and further away from a health insurance system and to a health reimbursement system.

  2. Harry says:

    I clicked on the interview before I read your comment, and after reading your comment, I was refreshed to know that I am not crazy, or maybe crazy like WC.

    Hope you and your friends enjoy Rizzo Special Ale.

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