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What would YOU do if you met an angry porcupine on the trail?

It turns out that there is an increasing probability of this happening to you in New York! I loved the part about porcupines liking to chew up the rubber parts and hoses beneath the hood of your car. I seriously would not in a million years ever have worried about such a thing happening. Never!

3 Responses to “Sunday Morning Meditation”

  1. Trey says:

    My parent’s dogs have had a number of run-ins with porcupines here in
    Central Texas. Unfortunately, the dogs don’t learn from their first
    experience. Or even second experience. ;(

    When I went with some friends to the Bugaboos in Alberta, Canada, we
    had to put chicken wire around our vehicle in order to prevent the
    porcupines from eating the brake hoses. Here’s a picture I found on
    the ‘net (2nd down):


    • Harry says:

      Trey and WC, I googled Critter Ridder, and it looks like a good product. I promise a review if it gets rid of skunks and ground hogs.

      I have a bag of Organic! pest repellent made of tobacco that does not work and is hazardous to tomatoes. It will go to the trash tomorrow. Whoops, everything has.to be recycled, right? Maybe dump it in the creek, or dump it along the road in town and let it wash into the storm sewer. Either way, eventually it gets to the Baltimore Canyon, unless it is eaten.

      • Trey says:

        Harry, I guess no one was willing to try Critter Ridder at the Bugs since there were 40 cars at the lot (down a 30+ mile dirt road) and they all had chicken wire. They keep a pen of bundles of wire; anyone can use it, and it is pretty well stocked. The logs to weight it down were harder to come by. Took about 20 min to get the car protected, and 10 to unprotect, so if Critter Ridder works it would be nice. But we were going in for 4 days, so it wasn’t that big a deal.

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