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If you examine survey data, or just generally follow the New York Times you will find this odd, I think, contradiction. Even among advocates of single-payer (that is insurance), there is vehement support for having the right to choose one’s doctor. That indeed was a selling point of ObamaCare.

However, it is highly likely that many who support ObamaCare are also the most outspoken supporters of government schooling, and the most outspoken and strongly opinionated folks who oppose vouchers and the expansion of school choice programs.

So, let’s review. When it comes to health care decisions – the freedom to choose which person or persons treats us is sacred. When it comes to educational decisions – the freedom to choose which person or persons indoctrinate – oops, I mean teach, us is not sacred, it is in fact the end of the world as we know it.


2 Responses to “Choosing What Choices to Like”

  1. RIT_Rich says:

    Someone should ask this question to some teacher’s Union member, preferably one of the multitude of poorly-educated poorly-trained highly self-esteemed highly-militant 20-something young teachers that are being pumped out by education schools these days. I would love to see the confused look on their faces.

    Surely, there are some psychological arguments to be made why people view one different from the other.

    Of course, we are assuming that Leftist do in fact hold the view that you should be able to chose your own doctor. If pressed enough, I have found that at the end they confess that no, perhaps you shouldn’t be able to chose because you’re not smart enough to chose.

  2. Harry says:

    Almost daily WC reveals a fresh expression of old paradoxes.

    Yeah, BHO said you can keep your doctor, which turns out to be true unless your doctor retires. BHO did not really mean it, admiring the socialized systems of modern countries in Europe. The idea is to close the places those free doctors can flee to, so wise people can determine how much to pay the orthopedic surgeon for hips. According to the doctrine of comparable worth, we have to make sure the doctor does not make more than someone with similar academic credentials, like someone with an Ed PHD,

    Which brings us to vouchers, and the NEA. A mess.

    I personally have gotten past this, since my daughter has graduated and moved on to some real success and is off my payroll. I wish WC, who pays, I guess, ample school taxes, would have a choice to direct some of that money toward Catholic education for his kids. Maybe the system could be rigged to include all religious schools that teach the three R’s, except for Muslim madrasses, which teach militant chemistry and physics. There are worse things than young minds being contaminated with the Ten Commandments.

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