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Here are the required summer readings for the local government middle school this summer:


In case you can’t see them:



No stories of Henry Ford or Josiah Wedgewood or even Isaac Newton. Nope. The government schools turning kids into little activists and accepting unquestioned the “science” of a pop book on food. And I’m paying for it. That’s exactly why wages are stagnating and why technological advancement is slowing down and why inner cities are crippled and rotting … we just haven’t produced enough activists.

Meanwhile the kids in our school will be writing journals all summer, will be continuing to learn manners, respect and real leadership. Oh and a little math and history too.

By the way, people send me things. A former student of mind sent me this with an “uh-oh.” Then a loyal reader sends me this. “Uh oh” indeed.

Read that Buzzfeed piece closely. It is boilerplate. More on that soon.

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  1. Prof,

    NPR had a good piece yesterday debunking the Buzzfeed article. It’s bad enough that Buzzfeed basically plagiarizes content from user-submission based sites like Reddit, they push fault science too.

    Here’s another “uh-oh” article, from Rolling Stone. A hypothetical, fairly fanatic, article about who South Florida is “doomed” to be the next Atlantis. http://www.rollingstone.com/politics/news/why-the-city-of-miami-is-doomed-to-drown-20130620?print=true

    Note the subtle jabs at the city, references to drugs, etc. Because it’s still the 1980s after all.

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