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Navigating New York City websites has me confused, so I will ask for help, and my question also makes up the point of the post today. In which occupation is there more training required to obtain a “license” to practice? Becoming a hair-stylist in New York City, or becoming a Police Officer in New York City? I know from family that the former requires 1,000 hours of training and a pile of money for schooling (in the $10,000 range). 

I think we could run an entire blog dedicated to discussing “public safety” issues in America. I’m not in the mood to be that depressed. 

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  1. Harry says:

    My former barber once explained barber licensing procedures in Pa., which he has to pay for, of course. (I would expect if he were in Philadelphia, he would have to pay double. ) Every year an inspector comes in and measures the square footage, checks the sink for cooties, counts the chair, and inspects amenities (Playboy, Tea Party pamphlets) .

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