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Conspicuously Quiet

We’ve suggested here several times that regardless of one’s views of the President’s economic and foreign policy positions or even your own political disposition, it would be hard to argue that he has been great for the black community.

The latest illustration (or lack thereof) has been the President’s awkward silence on the Adrian Peterson tragedy. Now don’t go trying to convince me that he’s got bigger fish to fry. This is a President (and I like this about him) who has time to do his NCAA Tourney brackets. He does halftime interviews during major sporting events. He’s threatened to intervene on drugs in baseball and he’s had plenty to say about that oh so important issue of the nickname of the professional football team in DC.

This is also the President who had plenty to say about the sad shooting in Florida when he famously said something to the effect, “If I had a son…”

Well you know what Mr. President. If you had a son he’d also look like the murdered two year old son of Adrian Peterson, and like the hundreds and hundreds of other unfortunate children like him. And you know what? Peterson wasn’t even aware he had the kid. So where are the big prime time speeches about fatherless kids? About senseless violence and personal responsibility? And about how 40 years ago there was no difference between black family formation and child rearing than whites? What could be more important than that? I’d say some budget battle pales in comparison. The decay of the black family and it’s related problems is perhaps THE civil rights issue of our time and America’s first black President not only does nothing about it, but the man who can give a speech on anything can’t even find a few minutes for this issue.

That’s a big ass Texas-sized FAIL. And of course I’m some kind of awful racist for even bringing this up. Because here in the world of postmodern diversity some things are too important to bring up in polite company.

Crawling back down into my hole now.

2 Responses to “Conspicuously Quiet”

  1. jb says:

    “The decay of the black family and it’s related problems is perhaps THE civil rights issue of our time ”

    Maybe, though forcing black kids to attend juvenile government detainment centers (er… “public schools”) has to run a close second.

    • Harry says:

      You got that right, jb. As does WC, as usual.

      Some talking head today argued that since Stanford and Dartmouth bowed to politically correct speech, so should the Washington Redskins bow to Bob Kostas and our President, both of who have poured renewable fuel on the racial hatred fire. Neither suggested an alternative. How about the Washington Lord Jeffs, or the Washington Bantams, or the Washington Fighting Gentlemen/Gentlewomen? This a big question.

      Meanwhile, for at least seventy years the planning class has been building East German style housing projects in which to put mostly black unwed mothers, four or five generations of them, in the name of charity, and then fails to teach successive generations basic skills, like reading. What a great system.

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