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We were asking yesterday why the feds have not closed down windmill production and operation all across the country. After all, they get far more funding than the privately-contracted campgrounds that they are shutting down (which of course generate income for the feds) and after all, they are far more dangerous to humanity than a rogue campground will ever be. I’d like to see epidemiology on the impact of the drilling and processing of rare earths that are required to be put in windmills and I would like to see workplace safety data on wind production and installation, and importantly to compare that to the evil frackers. You’ll never hear that of course.

But the point of today’s post is that one common complaint against frackers is that they are either state regulated or self-monitored or some other (it is said) rogue-activity risky wasteland of an operation. Fine. Agree with that “argument” for now. Has anyone stopped to ask what sorts of regulations impact wind installations? For example, the wind industry, with the exception of the single large farm at Altamont Pass, has only voluntary “regulations” for monitoring and reporting its impacts on wildlife due to their wind farms. This says nothing of course about what penalties such wind farms face if they violate their voluntarily reported regulations.

But wind is saving the planet, so all bets are off when it comes to saving the planet, right? Say that with a straight face when you study the fracking epidemiology and ability to reduce GHG emissions, lower electricity costs and most importantly reduce harmful particulates from the burning of more carbon intensive fuels (btw: stop using the term fossil fuels, a misleaeding term if ever there was one).

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2 Responses to “Blowing Wind Up Your ____”

  1. Harry says:

    Windmills put up with one’s own money on one’s own property, assuming you own enough property, as in if you are a King of King Ranch fame, or live in Newville, PA and want to pump water for your cows, mules, and horses, fine.

    But if you live on a half acre lot next to neighbors who may be driven nuts with your GE wind turbine, and if you are lucky enough to be on top of a shale gas formation, drill a well, pay off the neighbors in the development and the municipalities to install a gathering pipeline, and in the end you have a wellhead the size of a fire hydrant and a metering station the size of an outhouse. The gas going through the pipe will hiss if you get up close.

    Your own house will be warm in the winter, and maybe you will be rich enough to buy ten sections in western Nebraska, enough land to house your wind turbines, your transformer and high-tech battery farm, and the garages to charge your Teslas. Make sure the ranch is near a recharging station, or just drive the Teslas around your track. Careful: do not overspend your gas royalty money and your tax credits from the windmills.

  2. Harry says:

    BTW, WC, it has not been demonstrated even remotely that man-made (political correct sciencey anthropogenic) CO2, a trace gas because of the robust balance between the animal and plant kingdoms, has any significant measurable effect on the weather. This is not to deny climate change, or global warming or cooling. It does deny the right of Angolan anchovy fishermen to get money from me for reparations.

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