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Sunday Ponderance

Kuchi Chicken, development and electricity:

Kuchi Chicken


A former student of ours shares a story on chickens and development featuring his parents in Kenya. Enjoy, sans comments from me.

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  1. Harry says:

    I never did chickens, but being a farmer enjoyed that much. It is hard to get farm news without political spin about technological change, including Indian chicken breeding and electrification without the ethanol and no carbon people throwing in their two cents. Here some Kenyans are trying to make something of their lives, a refreshing story that made no reference whatever to government largesse, the World Bank, or Barack Obama.

    Think of what the chicken farmers might do with ten more acres and a few bags of Roundup Ready soybeans, some more shelter to protect the chickens from hawks, and a pump to draw water from their well by buying electricity .

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