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Thought of the Day

Some supporters of the minimum wage do so on the grounds that even it is costly, that corporations simply “pass on the cost” to their customers, who are so obviously different and richer than the workers “needing” the pay increase.


Believe it.

But riddle me this. What do these same people think about putting mega-taxes on the big corporations? Here is one popular opinion making the rounds.

Have a nice metaphysical day.



In other thoughts, I read this with interest:

This is apparently all done overseas in order to evade rules that govern domestic data collection. According to the story, “Two engineers with close ties to Google exploded in profanity when they saw the drawing.”

So, our government is happily engaging in off-share “tax-havenish” activity even as it berates our corporations for doing the same thing. Good enough for me but not good enough for thee. That’s what happens in banana republics, not developed nations.



And this just in from the frontlines of institutionalized thuggery:

After insurance officials publicly criticized the implementation, White House staffers contacted insurers to express their displeasure, industry insiders said. Multiple sources declined to speak publicly about the push back because they fear retribution…”The White House is exerting massive pressure on the industry, including the trade associations, to keep quiet,” [Robert Laszewski] said.” Drew Griffin and Chris Frates in CNN.

That was from Wonkblog.

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  1. Harry says:

    I had to Google Russell Brand to find out who he was, but, then again, Katie Couric is still working for CBS, right? We are expected to pay attention to their philosophical musings?

    I would like to see more defenders of socialism on this blog defending its success, even if it means something of more value than freedom. We will not jump all over you, comparing you to Frank Pallone, attacking your parenthood, et cetera. Wintercow insists on fair arguments. Be brave.

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