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… Your mini-fridge.  It’s all just a simple fun discussion, right? In any event, can folks actually think harder about the world than to simply ban stuff that they don’t like or that is “bad?” You would hope that universities, which claim to be the home of all sorts of creative minds, would be a little more creative than that. I bet banning heat in buildings, or forbidding them to be warmed above 58 degrees in the winter would save a hell of a lot more than $16,000 per year too! I look forward to a proposal to ban “extreme” heating of buildings soon. I have another idea, let’s have a giant teach-in to talk about the harm and unintended consequences of banning stuff, and the difficult moral position that supporters of bans on fridges actually put themselves in. Yeah, and that will happen when shrimp learn to whistle.

Have a lovely day. And make sure you vote. Or not. It doesn’t matter.

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  1. Harry says:

    If any students are interested, our choir has a wine cooler to be auctioned off this weekend as part of our wine tasting fundraiser. The unit has separate zones for red and white wines, total capacity for eighteen bottles. (Or maybe two cases of Gennesee). In a cold dorm, it will keep your bottled water from freezing.

  2. Speedmaster says:

    We’ve been visiting colleges this year. The big things they advertise and promote on the tours are the dorms, cafeterias, green stuff, LEED buildings, etc. Occasionally they mention academics. I’m referring to a specific Ivy League school and some nearby near-Ivy schools.

    • Harry says:

      Speedmaster, have they mentioned nude week (Brown) or nude all-the-time dorms (Wesleyan)? They may have mentioned that they no longer have fraternity hazing (that’s one thing I would do over in Psi U), but then will your daughter have to sit on an ice block and tell jokes in the dorm?

      My daughter was in a coed dorm for the first two years, but the four of them shared a bathroom and a shower. I would have not paid a further dime if everybody ran around naked all over the dorm.

      My daughter went to a really good college, not Ivy or potted Ivy. It did a good job preparing her for the big world. She has periodically asked me, after each promotion, whether I think our money was well-spent, and my answer has been yes.

      Even if she had gotten a free degree from Trinity, my alma mater, in retrospect I would not have advised her to change an iota.

      The anti-free-will teological folks would say that neither of us had any choice in this, Speedmaster. The Parsees from the Orient say it is Karma. But you still have the power, should you wish, to put the kebash on the naked dorm.

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