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from Tim Taylor.

Here are some older thoughts on mine on taxing the rich more. And here.

2 Responses to “Inconvenient Truths – A Continuing and Continually Ignored Series”

  1. Harry says:

    I would like to hear from a Liberal politician about how they might enable a poor kid to become rich, and not promise him or her obstacles along the way. There was a brief time in the recent past when everybody got a big tax cut where you were able to keep much more of your income. This happened to ordinary people working hard, all of us, during the time christened by the dog in the manger types as the decade of greed. Greed. Keeping your property, your money, which you earned, even if you were an Auto Worker.

    Some of our elected representatives have different ideas. The money we earned was by accident. That is a core Axiom, from which flows the right to take our property to feed their appetites to feed themselves and their favored people whom they deem more needy, who were just two days ago included people being paid 250% above the federal poverty line, who are having trouble funding the IRA, the boat, two cars, and the RV.

    So, do we do a soft French Revolution, without decapitating Bill Gates and Don Trump? Remember that even though they are very rich on paper, if they have to liquidate tomorrow, it is a whole lot less. Does Madame Defarge spare Bill and Warren, and go after the Donald and the Koch Brothers?

    But the people who are really going to feel it are the people in that fourth quartile, where the real money is. Tax their real estate, their IRA’s and their 401-K’s, their gas , their retail purchases, their pets. This is a forward plan for prosperity.

  2. Harry says:

    And thanks for the data. Readers should also note the price of gold, noted to the right, is $1230, another fun fact.

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