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What to Do?

Female life expectancy in the U.S. is about 3 years longer than that for men.

Females are more likely to attend, and graduate from, university, than men.

Females are earning more doctoral degrees than men, even in 33 of the “hard science” STEM fields.

Females are hugely less likely to be injured or killed on the job than men. (see slides 8 and 9)

Females make up only 23% of homicide victims in America and are consequently three times less likely to be murdered than their male counterparts.

just showing you some data, that’s all. In other news, the AP continues to be a reprehensible joke:

The show has struck a strong chord in a nation fresh out of recession and still reeling from its most brutal austerity measures in a generation, with basic public services trimmed drastically.

I’ll let you poke around the web to see what “most brutal” means. Aside from the “author” not citing a single piece of data for such a claim, even on the public services claim, it’s almost hysterical to then go on to read an article about people receiving state benefits with no mention, even, if those have been trimmed.

One of my new years’ resolutions was to read less news and blog less … my health is likely to improve if I keep to it.

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