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Obamacare succeeded for one simple reason: it’s horrible to be uninsured

So here we’ve come. Now the entire health care reform is a success because … people signed up for it. That’s sort of a low bar isn’t it? Well, maybe not:

The health-care law beat its mark because it was selling something 8 million people want to buy.

Maybe. Maybe not. The “law” beat its mark because THERE IS A MANDATE to buy it. Now, I surely am a know-nothing partisan hack. but I would not exactly call any program a success based on people signing up for it, and I surely wouldn’t double down on that claim by glossing over the fact, yes fact, they all of the sign-ups were legally required to do it.

I’m sort of at a loss for words for a good analogy. Maybe, “the 1st grade was a success because every kid signed up for it.” In any case, this might be more evidence that Vox is doomed. Or not, after all, I’ve always argued that people get what they want. 

4 Responses to “Grammar Schools are Successful Because Children Attend It”

  1. Speedmaster says:

    On the upside, the ‘merks are in the playoffs.

  2. Scott says:

    Very happy to see you’ve come out of blogging retirement, WC.

  3. Dan says:

    It’s not exactly a mandate, right? That language was struck down by John Roberts.

    It’s a penalty: 1% of household income or $95 in the first year. That doesn’t seem terribly punishing to me. That’s what people are trading off against.

    Anyway, I’m pretty upbeat about Vox. I don’t generally feel the tone of condescension you identify, and there’s some really great content there that goes beyond explaining the news.

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