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Let me get this straight. When it comes to Lyft and Uber, we must deeply care about the existing regulated incumbents. And of course, rather than calls to ease up the burdens on the very regulated taxi industry, all I’ve run across are calls to put the shackles (in the name of fairness and safety of course) on the new competitors.

Now when it comes to broadband we are supposed to use taxpayer funds/public provision to deal with the supposed problems of regulated incumbents.

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  1. Harry says:

    WC, your observations are often perfect examples of metaphysical certitude, and you also are a great headline writer, but your headline in this post is less than obvious to me, a news junkie.

    Now, your point about free municipal high-speed access is a good one, and it is good to hear that enemy Republicans stand against it, although the horse may already have left the barn with ObamaPhones, food stamps, free everything. I would like the government to supply someone to pull the weeds, at prevailing wages. Create some jobs and pay with new Federal Reserve notes.

    Ok, I just figured out You Can’t Have It Both Ways. That explains why one cannot Google it, since reasoning is passé.

  2. Scott says:

    I’m surprised Lyft is still operating and hasn’t been completely destroyed yet. Makes me wonder if ‘they’ really can’t do as much about it as they would like. Perhaps innovation can outrun regulation.

    • Scott says:

      or, maybe it can’t…

      A blog post on the Lyft website read, in part: “As part of our agreement to move forward in New York City, Lyft will pause operations in Buffalo and Rochester by August 1, while we work with the Attorney General’s Office and Department of Financial Services to align New York State’s insurance laws and regulations with emerging technologies of the 21st century.”

      just in case anyone is still keeping score at home, ‘we’ lost. A long time ago.

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