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Obama and Ferguson

I don’t agree with Ezra Klein’s take on the President’s lack of action (public) on the ongoings in Ferguson.

It’s not surprising that I disagree of course, but here is the main reason why. He assumes that only the “left” wants a rousing speech and show of leadership. Man if that sentiment is not representative of the toxicity of popular media today then I don’t know what is. I sure as heck am not a modern liberal and I am EAGERLY hoping for the President to seize this moment and get us moving in the right direction. I am sure millions of non-leftists agree with me here. But EVERYTHING has to be a political calculation. Really?

Furthermore, if you take the typical media impression of the President and his polarizing nature seriously, then I find it extremely difficult to accept Klein’s argument that the President is being timid because he doesn’t want to create even more polarization. Seriously? Since when does it seem like that has been a motivating factor? And since when is that the interpretation for the President’s actions?

I’ve said it before here at TUW that while I may not be a fan of the President’s politics and economic imagination, I had extremely optimistic expectations for his potential to improve race relations and especially to do great things particularly for the black community and inner city America.

As far as what happened and is happening in Ferguson? It’s sad on so many levels but again I really am not competent to say much about it.

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