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Story is here. Note, too, that this is an “agreement” which means it will not actually be enforced. My prediction: emissions will fall despite this “agreement” not being enforced, and policymakers will take credit for the incredible progress “they’ve” made. But this is undeniably great news for Americans and energy poor people around the planet. We are going to get cheaper fossil fuels than otherwise AND we have Europeans subsidizing R&D into additional “green” energy sources. What could be better than that?

One Response to “Big News: European Nations Agree to Reduce the Cost of American Fossil Fuel Resources”

  1. Harry says:

    I liked the picture of the demonstrators dressed up the way they think corporate lobbyists dress. But how are we to know? The shots were of upper torsos leaving unanswered the question of whether they were wearing Gucci loafers.

    Also, I liked the picture of the European power players, which included the prime minister of Luxembourg, who will agree to anything as long as the Germans do not invade and pillage.

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