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From today’s news:

The WSJ reports that for profit meat companies are changing their game as they respond to shifting demand for “organic food”.   A direct quote about the power of free market environmentalism;

“Brandon Glenn had already gone further. Not at the behest of the government, but of a meat company for which he raises chickens.

“I was pretty apprehensive,” the Kentucky farmer says of instructions three years ago from Perdue Farms Inc. to halt almost all antibiotic use. “How are we going to keep these chickens alive without giving them their medication? But Perdue said: ‘This is what the market is going to.’ ”

Perdue is among a growing array of food producers moving to limit the routine use of antibiotics in livestock production—less in response to regulatory action than to consumer pressure.”

When you pay, you get to play. One of the driving forces behind me becoming an economist is because I have quite the interest in the environment. Go figure.

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  1. Harry says:

    Working for chicken feed takes on a whole new meaning, WC.

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