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Ken at Popehat has the story.

In addition to some basic civil knowledge one might reasonably expect mainstreamed fifth-graders to possess, liberty also requires at least primitive-hominid-level common sense, confirmed Trent. “This guy says critics are criminals, gets no result because of the rule of law and a hundred years of unbroken constitutional tradition, and thenwhines because of the bad publicity,” Trent said, his voice cracking. “I renounce my citizenship,” he continued, rending a dog-eared pamphlet copy of the Declaration of Independence.

As Trent suggested, Sisk has expressed what scientists called a “hamster-like befuddlement over cause and effect” when his threats did not produce the desired results:

“The student government has such a negative image already that the existence of these blogs makes it even worse, and it’s hurt and they are saying hurtful things about people,” Sisk said. “And the fact that they are now being reported on, it’s apparently going over to other organizations, the news about these is really the exact opposite of what I wanted to do, which was just make them stop. Now everybody knows about them.”

“People can’t govern themselves if they’re that stupid,” shrieked Trent.

I’m actually going to assume this story is not real.

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