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The old Wonkbloggers are at it again. We are scolded that “It is not OK to have a second refrigerator.”

I happen to have 2 fridges and 3 freezers in my house. Both his premise and conclusion are wrong and that’s entirely excepting the smug and offensive attitude.

Without a lecture:

1. It very clearly was not regulation that drove energy efficiency. Maybe I’ll post my lecture notes when I’m back.

2. Regulating appliance efficiency, celebrated by Mr. Mooney, basically ensures that people like me end up with two or more refrigerators. Why? They’ve imposed policies that make the cost of using electricity LOWER. But leave it to the pointy hats to ignore this and instead resort to berating us heathens for using more than one fridge.

3. If using electricity is a problem, raise the price of electricity. This has many virtues. First it does not require pointy hats to figure out what technologies are and are not appropriate. Second of course it raised the cost of the behavior you want less of. The nice part of this policy is that it still allows all of us to reduce electricity consumption in ways that are best and less costly FOR US and not to satisfy the wet dreams if our techno-overlords. Third of course is that the tax is far less probe to cronyism and corruption than a tech standard. Go look at the political economy of the lightbulb bans emanating from the 2007 Energy Act and you’ll get an appalling illustration.

4. While we’re playing in the sandbox, it’s not OK to put forward such offensive morality and economics.

I hope his Thanksgiving Turkey is dry. Of course, I’m fully expecting to see an article to tell me why a saturnalia of thankfulness tomorrow is not OK.

By the way one reason I have three freezers is that I converted one to a keezer that holds and serves 20 gallons of beer – WAAAY more than the pointy-hat’s recommended 6-pack. If you’re confused with the symbols of your Bosch dishwasher, you can use this guide at https://appliancehunter.co.uk/dishwasher-support/bosch-dishwasher-symbols/.

4 Responses to “Another Appalling Display”

  1. roadgeek says:

    We have a 21-cubic foot top-mount and two freezers, a 15 cubic foot chest and a 20 cubic foot upright. The energy cost is so low as opposed to the convenience factor that it really doesn’t matter.

  2. yamahaeleven says:

    You are now my closest friend. We’ll, truth to be told, anyone with 20 gallons of beer would be my friend. I’m real thirsty all of a sudden.

  3. Harry says:

    Does WC have enough EDU’s for that?

    A month ago my dishwasher died from Alzheimer’s. It had a short “energy saver” cycle of 28 minutes and a “rinse and hold” cycle that took off the gravy if one did not have a full-enough load. (I know many people wash their dishes nearly clean before putting them into the dishwasher, but when nobody was watching I did rinse and hold.)

    New dishwashers do not have these features. In some respects, they seem to be better engineered — for example, they all have two wash arms, one for each level, and there is more room to fit tall items (like wine or beer glasses). But no dishwasher has a wash cycle shorter than 49 minutes. (They are all designed to conserve water, so if you live on an island or in Death Valley, it is a good feature and appreciated by the environmentalist Nazis.)

    The way to get a rinse and hold cycle is to start the dishwasher without detergent and run it for ten minutes and reset it. This is not explained in the manual. This enables the lazy to forego rinsing, and probably saves a lot of hot water.

    Regarding other appliances like refrigerators, my first one was a used 1956 GE model that fit two cases easily, with plenty of room for lunch meats, cheese, and garnishes. The freezer held four ice trays, enough for a small party.

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