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Our governor here in NY touts (righly, if I might say so) the benefits of the explosion of craft brewing in New York State.

We have said time and time again that New York produces some of the best craft beverages anywhere, and this report backs up exactly why we are focusing on growing these breweries,” Governor Cuomo said. “By cutting the costs of doing business, rolling back red tape, and promoting products through Taste NY, we are seeing monumental success across the state. When these craft beverage producers do well, it creates jobs, puts more money in local economies and sets the stage for future growth.”

The craft beer industry is creating large ripples in the state’s economy. Craft beer accounts for 6,552 direct industry jobs, according to the report, while supporting another 4,814 jobs in related industries. It is responsible for more than $2.9 billion in direct and indirect revenue within the state, and another $554 million in direct and indirect wages, making up the nearly $3.5 billion in total economic impact on the state.

I’d remind you that drunkenness destroys families, kills thousands of people every year in cars and from diseases emanating from alcohol … yet we celebrate it. Fine.

Then explain this. Even if the economic benefits are only a fraction of what that industry’s supporters claim, it would be far larger and more important for both consumer well-being AND for workers than the craft beer explosion. And, by the way, even if produced using very “sustainable” practices, brewing clearly adds to both global warming, strain on aquifers and our disposal issues.


If I were involved in the fracking industry, I’d suggest rebranding what they do as “Micro-energy” production, or somehow talk about Craft Methane production or some such thing.

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  1. Doug M says:

    But craft brewing is charming….and big chemical is not.

    Much as in wildlife protection, you need a pretty face for the cause.

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