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I suppose I should be less inclined to do so, but when I see the term “democratic” used, that is a pretty sure signal for me to go. My hypothesis is that when you see someone invoke the term democratic in an argument, it is just shorthand for saying something closer to “undemocractic.” It seems to me that the term is only invoked when a small minority of people wishes to impose their (unpopular) views and values onto a population that is either unfamiliar with it, or outright opposed to it. That does not of course make their arguments wrong.

Feel free to insert your favorite illustrations in the comment. I would, but I might be marched off to the intellectual abattoir if I do.

3 Responses to “When I Head for the Intellectual Exits”

  1. Gabe says:

    I don’t agree. I find people pine for democracy when they are proposing something that violates a law or previously established social norms. The reason they feel that their proposition should be instated is because the majority of people like it. If they could persuade the other side using more, dare I say, scientific arguments, they probably would. I hardly consider it undemocratic for 51% of the people to vote on taking the other 49%’s money.

    • wintercow20 says:

      Looks like we could set up at least a survey or an empirical test to see which is closer to the truth.

  2. Harry says:

    I’ve been looking for somewhere to insert Ira Einhorn, Earth Day Founder into WC’s celebration, so it might as well be here. He was a big recycler.

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