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Two Items for Today

1. I wonder why running shoe and hiking gear or really almost all apparel manufacturers rarely if ever advertise on the durability and “long-lastingness” of their product? I don’t mean general claims but rather things like, “these new La Sportiva’s will give you 450 miles of class3 and below hiking!”

2. I once took Koch money to run a student seminar. Not only was I not paid, but was probably made personally poorer for it. I have since shut down the seminar, obviously because it requires a shill to identify scarcity.

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  1. Trey says:

    Well, I’ve seen the way Nicholas N Taleb treats people he disagrees with. Years ago I was intrigued by him. No longer. He seems to be a bully now that he has gained popularity, or maybe that’s the way he’s always treated his adversaries. He did an Econtalk with Russ Roberts six months ago or so. The precautionary principle was the subject. There were so many things I disagreed with. Don’t remember much (some people had the same reaction based on the comments section at Econ talk) , but I do remember at the end of the talk he wanted to describe in detail his three co-authors. He went into great detail about their different backgrounds and how they were so smart. It was basically an argument by authority.

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