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That headline is not intended to be sarcastic. It turns out that Dr. Hansen has recruited children to sue the federal government and its many agencies because it has permitted global warming to continue to threaten the future.

Again, saying nothing about global warming, I think my readers should be me reminded that this sort of strategy is becoming quite popular with the activist community. What happens is that the activists, with the implicit support of an agency, sue said agency, and when the courts rule in favor of the activists the agencies are “forced” into making changes that it would have had difficulty implementing unilaterally. Now it has political cover to do what its leaders want.

Whether you agree or disagree with the particular goals of an agency, this is a particularly ugly and disingenuous way of getting things done. Not exactly Hayek’s Reichstadt.

5 Responses to “Global Warming Causes Child Abuse”

  1. chuck martel says:

    Not particularly germane to your posting but what do you think about this? http://www.startribune.com/delta-claims-jobs-threatened-by-persian-gulf-carrier-expansion-in-u-s/321965521/
    Delta’s concern for its employees is quite admirable.

    • wintercow20 says:

      Yes, so admirable. Aside from the protectionism, it totally overlooks the fact that cheap foreign flights (regardless of why they are cheap) are an input into other production processes and we may end up with more jobs not perhaps in airlines but in other industries because overseas travel costs less. But of course, it’s hard to name what those jobs are in advance, and everyone knows someone who works for Delta, so we just need to stop those evil outside people from subsidizing their airlines. If some country wants to fleece its own taxpayers so that I can have a cheaper flight, well, then, that’s pretty fantastic for me.

      I look forward to Delta asking the US government to stop subsidizing the roads, and to stop making the Mississippi River more easily navigable, it’s killing Delta jobs.

  2. Gabe says:

    I’d like to sue the entire executive branch and every single state and municipality on the same ground as Mr. Hanson, namely levying an unfair burdened on future generations in the form of debt had no part of taking on.

  3. Not to carp, but I believe Hayek called it a “Rechtsstaat”.

    A “Reichstadt”, taken literally, means something rather different.

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