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  1. Crowd-sourced beer. Note, this isn’t the traditional crowd-funding to get a brewery started, rather this brewery gets recipes and recipe ideas from customers every month and that is what it brews and sells for that month. One way it is able to do this is that it presells about 80% of all of its beer sold. Its primary means of distribution is shipping packages of bombers to customers in 42 states. For those of you who love the state of American liquor regulation, this might be interesting. The company is not permitted to sell its beer directly to me here in New York. Instead, it has developed a relationship with an Illinois distributor who has managed to obtain a license to sell “Beer of the Month Club” offerings to customers in many states. So, MobCraft brews up a batch, sells most of it to the distributor, who then is legally able to ship to my door.
  2. This link is not at all unrelated to the neat one from above: a new restaurant in San Francisco is fully automated. Now, I have no doubt that the $15 minimum wage idea is not what drove this model, but there is also no doubt that this is not entirely unexpected not just in an era where wages are mandated, but also where benefits are mandated, it is becoming increasingly difficult to fire workers, and to be quite honest, it is hard to find people who take great pride in their work and do a great job at many levels within the wage distribution. Furthermore, you might think to yourselves, “well, at least there are cooks in the back,” … I don’t expect that to last too much longer either.

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