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I can never tell if I am having my leg pulled, but a student sincerely tells me that he wandered to the shower in his freshmen dorm this week to be greeted by this:


Now, I have seen all kinds of stuff in my life on college campuses, but this has to be a  first. For starters, I had no idea that the plumbing could have an issue with “the plumbing.” Is that even possibly true? In any case, think of the simple economics here – what would the College have to do in order to curtail this behavior? Telling students, “increases in house prices next year will ensue,” is probably not going to do it. Most students move to upper class dorms where this perhaps is not an issue and also consider moving off-campus. The only way to have a meaningful impact on behavior is to figure out  a way to increase the cost of each particular episode. I am not here going to propose ways to do that.

I’d suggest that even if the college figured out a way to raise the cost (and monitor … how?) of these actions, the potential for unintended consequences is high. Remember that most freshmen share rooms with two other people – there is very little privacy to be had there. Think about where and what might otherwise occur if this lone source of dorm privacy is now off-limits to students? Again, this is a family-friendly blog, so we’ll leave it to your imagination.

I’ve seen everything now. Like the many Rangers fans I know said when they won the Cup in 1994, “Now I Can Die in Peace.”


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