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When I was first learning to read and enjoy news and commentary, my thirst for acquiring more sources of information was hard to quench. There was a time when I would have something on the order of 5 newspapers and a dozen newsweeklies in my regular rotation. With the advent of not just the tidal wave of online communications, but the emergence of the anti-punctilious and click-baity and lack-of-thoughtfulness prove-your-pointism, I have been largely driven away from this excitement.

Even with great filtering of what hits my readers and inboxes and mailboxes, the rise of noise (in my not so humble opinion) has outpaced the rise of signal, making it harder for me to find accessible sources that are informative, provocative, thoughtful and enjoyable. This is part of the reason I have switched to much more long-form stuff, drier stuff even, and a major reason for the decline in blogging activity here at TUW. I just don’t want to be part of it, and it is coming at great cost.

In the meantime, I’ll hint to folks about some upcoming projects. I am working on the outlines of a book on the Economics of Climate Change (sure to be widely ignored or labeled as denialistic even as the approach is the convert the language of the economists/experts into something you might understand) and a short podcast/radio show that is basically me interviewing bright students about various topics of interest. I hope these end up happening. We’ll see.

2 Responses to “This One Post Proves …”

  1. Trapper_John says:

    Yeah, I get it. “The kids at Vox” have mastered the argument by flashcard, driving progressive smugness to new levels. Being critical of their approach while mirroring it seems hypocritical (but I’m RIGHT, doggoneit).

    That said, your voice for such shorter, prove-your-point-ist posts is exceptional, rivaling Don Boudreaux for effective application of logic and snark. I have especially enjoyed your posts where you seemingly grant every assumption of the opposing viewpoint and still illustrate how misguided a particular idea is. Very effective. I am confident that your style will translate nicely to longer pieces, and I eagerly await your already-panned book on climate change. Keep us posted.

    • wintercow20 says:

      The irony (is that the right term) of writing posts like this one typically keeps me from posting them. It’s sort of like how if you think of something that you do as being charitable, then perhaps it is not charitable. Perhaps we should conceive of some disclaimer for these sorts of things!

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