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  1. Go short on Universities – notice what has happened to the likelihood of finding a mate on campus. So, we now know that students study far less than they use to. We know that grades are being inflated. We know that students are leaving less prepared for the modern workplace. And now you don’t even find true love on campus anymore. Just what, exactly, is going on on campuses?
  2. I thought our infrastructure is crumbling? This sort of “photo op politics” is yet another reason you should ______. In any case, Nebraska and Alaska and Mississippi taxpayers are funding $3 million of high-tech bus stations in Rochester, NY.
  3. Black (white) judges appear to impose harsher sentences on black (white) juveniles than whites. Model this, as Tyler Cowen says.
  4. On the other hand, racial disparities in costly mortgages (i.e controlling for credit quality, blacks secure higher cost mortgages) seem to be caused by heterogeneity in lender risks. The question is why blacks are disproportionately serviced by these types of lenders?
  5. Do Americans really care about income inequality? Again, if you find yourself limited to being on a college-campus, you would have a fantastically different impression about the world than if you were off campus.
  6. School finance reform dramatically increases spending in poorer school districts. Rothstein and colleagues find that this additional spending does improve student performance, and considerably so. This result is important, since previous studies seem to find little to no relationship between (marginal) spending and educational outcomes. On the other hand, this is one of those papers where I would have predicted the finding based only on the authorship.

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  1. “The six bus stations provide weather protection and are equipped with features such as bike racks, seating and lean rails, lighting, trash receptacles, video surveillance, heat and blue light security systems. Digital signage will allow for Regional Transit Service arrival data in real time.”

    They’re really lowering the bar on what constitutes “high-tech” these days, huh? “Lights! Cameras! Trash bins!”

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