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Happy Leap Day

Some tidbits from the world of economic research:

  1. Trump would hate this paper. The paper shows considerable improvements in human capital in communities that had ready access to migrant jobs.
  2. The long trail of damage left by disruptive kids in your elementary school: earnings at the age of 26 are reduced by 3 to 4%. When we remove a disruptive child from class for one year it is estimated to raise the aggregate earnings of classmates’ future earnings by $100,000. Well, now, should we pay families to take disruptive kids out of school? How elastic is the supply curve there? In addition, are we forgetting general equilibrium effects (i.e. where does this disruptive child end up)?
  3. Middle aged white males with low education levels do more illicit drugs during economic downturns.
  4. Net neutrality laws are likely to be inefficient. Shocker.
  5. Putting health centers in high schools reduces teen births by 5%, but does not change the propensity to dropout. At what cost?
  6. A timeless analysis of policy and economic uncertainty and the impact on investment and the loanable funds market. Is today a rerun of the 1930s?
  7. What would Dostoyevsky say? I am reminded of this.
  8. Is more financial expertise better? No.
  9. Evidence against insurance unraveling using physicians home purchase decisions under various bankruptcy regimes.
  10. The world’s tallest dwarf?
  11. Comparative advantage among financial firms in “misconduct.” Ugh.

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