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(Dis) Empowering

So, the SEIU showed up on campus a few weeks ago and they are trying to organize … ME. Here are some U of R kids showing support:


For the record:

  1. The SEIU will not answer my questions about who they are trying to organize and how they obtained information about those faculty. Of course, I am part of the group they are trying to organize and I have no way of opting out.
  2. The SEIU threated to “rip up” my union drive card when they got a whiff that I might not “support” a union (i.e. vote for it).
  3. The SEIU will take $360 from my paycheck every year, and will not tell me what it will be used for.
  4. I did not ask to be unionized nor will the SEIU tell me if faculty first reached out to them in order to ask for help in a union drive or if they simply inserted themselves on campus … because … because?
  5. There is nothing I can do to opt out of this. It would be illegal to have my job title changed. And if the vote goes through, then I am no longer permitted to work on contract details with my department or my dean … THEY would do it on MY behalf. And they call that “democracy.” Pretty ironic from a group of folks who seem to want to “celebrate” diversity and empower people. Enfeebling workers is not exactly empowering. Disabling individual ability to arrange working relationships is not celebrating diversity, but rather enforcing uniformity.

Professor Wintercow is not happy. And it is particularly insulting to have my first-year undergraduate students tell me what is best for me. I find it hilarious that my kids seem to think that Universities, the hives of their ideologies, are places where “union bashing” occurs. What’s next? Will there by protests against ——-?

In other economic news, the Great Stagnation continues. That is of course a totally unrelated development.

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