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It has been said to me that nearly half of all substances are carcinogenic. Further, substances made by humans (chemists tell me) are not more carcinogenic than things that are “natural.” If you eat peanuts, or drink beer, or drink wine, you are exposing yourself to a very large amount of carcinogens – at least in relation to the other carcinogens you may be worried about.

For example, suppose that Roundup / Glypohosate is awful stuff (it isn’t, but let’s not go there). And suppose a LOT of it ends up in your beer. Again, ignore whether this is likely, or whether your body metabolizes it, etc. Scary news stories tell is that there is up to 30 micrograms per liter in our beer. And this is stuff that kills weeds. And you drink it.

Of course, 30 micrograms per liter is the same as 0.03 ppm, which is 30 parts per billion.

Now, glyphosate maybe perhaps might cause cancer. You should go check the literature on it to see how much you would have to consume for it to have a noticeable impact on you.

So we are terrified at the 30 part per billion glyphosate in our beer. Well, the beers above are about 10% ABV. I know lots and lots and lots of people who drink these regularly. And they don’t just drink a little. Well, 10% ABV is about one-hundred million parts per billion.

So here is the, ahem, roundup:

  • At worst, and it is questionable, there is 30 parts per billion of a possible carcinogen in your beer (again, lots more to learn about glyphosate) –> go bananas
  • With certainty, there is 100 million parts per billion of a known and serious carcinogen in your beer –> host Oktoberfest parties and tastings with friends.

Go figure.

5 Responses to “Dark-toberfest”

  1. Mike says:

    I can’t get Puff in Dallas. I can get Resin. Good stuff.

    Oh, and your larger point is well made.

    • wintercow20 says:

      I need to send you some. Along with something from SingleCut. What sorta stuff do you like?

      • Mike says:

        We should be able to make some sort of trade. I like IPAs. My favorites are of the West Coast variety.

        My daughter works at Community Beer Co.. They have several good beers. They are going to come out soon with a barrel aged Legion that has been in scotch barrels for a year.

  2. chuck martel says:

    If you learned that there were 30 serial killers running around in China would you cancel your trip to see the Great Wall?

  3. Mark7 says:

    Can’t help but wonder what the hand-wringers think about homeopathy.

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