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  1. Bank lending and TARP, dog bites man edition: “Together, these results suggest that political considerations influence credit allocation in a politically
    mature system like the United States without the formal possibility of political interference in lending decisions, and that this
    influence is larger if the flows between banks and politicians are reciprocal”
  2. Watts Bar Unit 2 Nuclear Reactor comes online. It was started in … 1973. While new, it is still an old pressurized water reactor design. On the other hand, it is CO2 free and powers over 1 million homes.
  3. The very different labor market experiences of highly educated African-Americans since 1940 versus African-Americans with less education. Evidence against, and for, discrimination?
  4. It does not look like the PPACA (“Obamacare”) led to additional early retirements. My prediction: the PPACA will NOT be totally undone.
  5. Marty Weitzman thinks about a “World Climate Assembly” basically a world democracy that votes on only climate questions.
  6. Does hospital competition lead to lower quality? It depends. Of course, this is conditional competition, and I am not sure that this is actually a net “bad” result.

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