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Here is the latest “Big Push” to “fix” failing schools. It failed. That is utterly unsurprising. I do appreciate that this was tried, there should be vastly more experimentation in education, but I am afraid that this really isn’t the kind of experimentation that would lead to improvements. Of course this effort will be unilaterally ignored by the edu-stablishment, largely because “they” take any criticism as a personal indictment and not one of the “system” which inevitably is unsuited to actually educating children.

One Response to “Nothing Works in Education”

  1. StimulusBear says:

    Charter schools are the last frontier where true experimentation can still exist in the public school system. They are experimenting using everything from military style rules to data driven education techniques.

    One of many potential solutions would to be to take localized successes in charter schools and apply best practices to schools that are local to that charter school.

    The past 8 years has been headlined by every school should be taught the same way which is the wrong direction for education in my mind.

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