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Somehow, I do not think that even the current train wreck of both our actual political governance and our political discourse will encourage anyone to actually question whether government should be as big, powerful and as expansive as it is.

As one of my favorite Twitter feeds now reminds me, “Eat Arby’s.”

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  1. Real News says:

    I do think it’s possible that some people will be persuaded to reconsider the importance of the Constitution and become more skeptical of 1) the powers invested in the executive 2) their manipulation by media (and their self-selected social media) as a function of this election, our current governance.

    For people who genuinely did/do believe that Trump is Hitlerian, this is probably the time where they are most open to the idea of the necessity of the 2nd amendment. It’ll be hard for them to overwrite their bias of the tragedy of the seen ie. murder of innocents by lunatics with guns but under these conditions they may be more open to considering the unseen ie. the United States never being invaded; the threat (perceived costs) provided by gun ownership to would-be Hitlerian regimes.

    Disclosure: I am an optimist by nature.

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