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Selling the Dream

Realtors are quite well known for trying to make their properties sound good, and use language and discuss amenities that potential customers find attractive.

If inequality were such a huge concern, how come we don’t see reports of Gini Coefficients in real estate listings, or some other such similar measures?

Now, sure, this is my attempt at snark – implying that virtually no one outside of the clerisy cares much about “inequality” and indeed I am not convinced many inside the clerisy care much about it. I think that is quite clear. Talk to people, even in places that are unequal, and the list of things they tell you they care about almost never gets anywhere in the zipcode of inequality.

On the other hand, I suspect we are all ants on the proverbial garden hose. Many places we choose to cluster are probably places with low levels of inequality (come to where I live for an example), we see great stratification of areas into gentrified urban areas, run down urban areas, hoighty-toighty rich people areas and so on. So, an eagle eye view will show quite dramatic levels of cross-residential inequality, even as everyone around you is living in a fairly similar circumstance.


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