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If you don’t have time to read Taubman’s excellent biography, this fantastic interview/documentary from Werner Herzog is a must watch.

  • Gorbachev’s sincerity was clear in Taubman’s book and this interview makes it even clearer
  • His support of socialism was really in the realm of “Economics 3.0” where we have a “Crisis” of abundance. Either that is is untoward to simply produce massive amounts of stuff for the sake of it, or that the problems in a future of abundance really are ones of distribution – this is something that our traditional economics texts have not really grappled well with.
  • He was relationship driven
  • His contempt (and his contemporaries’ contempt) for the lust of current political class is palpable and spot on
  • His contempt for nuclear weapons and his concerns about the End of Civilization are sobering and need an airing. regularly

Much more in it. Definitely worth your consideration.

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  1. Scott Zorn says:

    Looks excellent, thank you for sharing.

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