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Tony Timpa.

Why Don’t You Know His Name?


“Help me!” “Help me!”

As cars drive by, fellow officers watch, knee on back.

He “settles down” at 11:30.

“I’ll drive the ambulance” … “Ha ha ha ha ha” “He said, “you’re gonna kill me” but he tried to kick me”

13:00 “Is he asleep?” then laughing

13:43 they start making fun of him, “I don’t want to go to school … first day can’t be late … rutti tutti frutti waffles … he’s out cold now” They put him on stretcher at 15:30 and they ask, “Is he knocked out … he didn’t just die down there did he? I don’t think he did.

“Is he breathing?” “I hope we didn’t kill him” “What’s with this we shit” 16:50 EMTs “He’s not breathing” 17:10 “He’s dead” 7 minutes of compressions

27:00 “Sorry, we tried”

And that video only has < 200,000 views.

As we suggested earlier, “they” think you are dumb.

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