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World Politics Hitting Close to Home.


Bobo is a friend and fellow employee at the institution I worked at before I got to the U of Rochester. He is one of the kindest, hardest working individuals I have ever known. He came to America after being incarcerated for several years as a political prisoner in Myanmar (Burma). He started in the US working in Berkshire County Massachusetts taking any job he could, while earning his undergraduate and graduate degrees and came to work as a researcher for American Investment Services.

He re-entered Myanmar several times at great risk to assist his family, an even started an orphanage following the cyclone in 2008 in which over 80,000 people perished. He went on to earn his PhD in London and until recently has served as Governor of Myanmar’s Central Bank.

He has now been re-imprisoned following the recent military coup.

This is a man who truly knows the value of freedom because for most of his life he lived without it.

Please encourage your congressional representatives to seek the release of Bobo Nge. Here is some suggested language: “

I am writing to express my concern for the safety of Bo Bo Nge who was arrested and has been detained in the military coup and crackdown in Myanmar, and to ask that you do all you can to seek his release. Mr. Nge is a true friend of freedom and democracy. After many years in the United States he returned to his native Burma to lend his education and technical expertise in the building of a free civil society and institutions. He deserves to be free.”

2 Responses to “Free Our Friend, Bobo Nge”

  1. Tomasz Bazant says:

    This an extremely sad news. I visited Myanmar in Fall 2018, and there my Econ class visited Yuma Bank. We received a presentation about Myanmar’s banking system and one of the things talked about by the presenter was mobile payments progress and now I am learning about this man’s role in it. From the Berkshire Eagle article: “It reduced the government deficit by 50 percent, launched smartphone retail payments, created a special economic zone at Thilawa (…)”.

  2. wendy Dwyer says:

    Bobo Nge is one of the sweetest, most genuine people I have ever met. I am hoping and praying to the universe he will be released. His wife and son deserve to have Bobo home, he is a loving, warm, smart, devoted person and it hurts to think of him detained and separated from the loves of his life. If everyone was even a tiny bit as good, dedicated and as kind as Bobo this would be a wonderful world. Free Bobo. I was praying he would be amongst the people released today . Free Bobo and all detainees in Burma ( aka Myanmar).

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