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Trusting the Science


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So, no one is willing to have an open and public conversation about who, exactly, is reticent about getting the COVID vaccine. It’s not a surprise to any person of good faith who is willing to actually ask questions

And hey “science is real” people, that includes social science. But if you do not wish to say that lockdowns and closures and everything will end after the vaccine is rolled out, if you do not say that mask wearing will end, if you do not say that life will “return to normal”

or whatever the heck that means, then are you SHOCKED SHOCKED! when a large chunk of Americans won’t be vaccinated. Seriously, you are thinking that hundreds of millions of altruists are out there willing to vaccinate themselves in order to protect other people? Then you are an

absolute “science denier” (that’s your term fwiw, not mine). And as a science denier, if you do not understand that millions of Americans worry about the kind of lives they get to live, not being CRYSTAL clear and honest that we will open sports stadiums and bars and schools and

end the damn mask scolding is simply going to make it far less likely that people will get the vaccines. One reason I think this continues is that many of the “trust the science” folks seem not to ever communicate with the people who are not excited to get the vaccines. You know,

like, “trusting the science” means you try to understand ALL of your patients. But no clear timelines or guidelines are coming forth. And don’t think “we need more time” … it’s been a year. And this is coming from a compliant mask wearer (where required) and jab recipient.

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