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If the entire world not only turned vegetarian, but also vegan, and ALSO wanted to do so under the seal of “organic” … would it be possible? Ignore for the time being any difference in yields that such practices would imply and ask only the following: where would the fertilizer come from? If we went […]

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That’s terrific. I wonder if they do the following: “Whenever possible, we purchase local desks and textbooks.” Or how about the following: “Whenever  possible, our graduates purchase local higher education!” Indeed, it would be odd to celebrate all of our kids making their way to Harvard, Berkeley, Michigan and such, wouldn’t it, if we truly […]

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Friday Fun Facts

Rats and other rodents destroy between 5% and 25% of the world’s grain harvest annually.  Now, those numbers appear absurdly large to me, but if right, and if someone one were able to make superhuman defenses against rodents, it would seem to me like we are already capable of growing enough food to feed the entire planet’s peak […]

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