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Places and Companies I Like

  • Wegmans. Leaves no stone unturned in serving the needs and wildest wishes of supermarket customers. Much more than a shopping experience, it is an example of everything that is right about our food world and riches!
  • Amagi Clothing. Promoting liberty by wearing it on your sleeve. And doing it in a positive and serious way.
  • Dunn Tire in Webster. Honest, quick and friendly service. Offers the right mix of helpful suggestions and leaving the customers free from feeling like they are being taken.
  • Tim Hortons in Bushnell’s Basin. Lowest price coffee of the major chains. Friendly service even at 5:30am. And gets the orders correct the largest percentage of the time compared to other places I used to visit (especially Dunkin’ Donuts which easily gets simple orders wrong over 25% of the time I go there).

Places and Companies That Do Not Get My Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval

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