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Economics Graduate School in Your Future

  1. Advice on Applying to Econ Grad School from John Bates Clark Medalist Susan Athey.
  2. A resource guide for students applying to economics graduate school
  3. Research Assistant Positions for post-undergrads
  4. Jesse Shapiro’s advice

Older Information for Students Thinking About Graduate Studies in Economics

  1. What the current young economics PhD stars are producing as grad students (circa Winter 2014).
  2. Greg Mankiw provides a useful list of advice for graduate students in economics. Like a good economist, he applies the principle of comparative advantage in doing so. Here is more from him on Math and economics. And here are his rules of thumb.
  3. A new (2014) book on getting your PhD in Economics written by a graduate from a Top 5 department.
  4. You knew this was coming … Economics Job Market Rumors. I am sure there are Facebook groups popping up too.
  5. The problem with macroeconomics.
  6. What you are getting yourself into … Life Among the Econ
  7. Here is Bryan Caplan’s take on why getting an Economics PhD is almost like getting a FREE LUNCH!
  8. For a sampling of current labor market opportunities, both within and outside of academia, check out the main job site for PhD economics. This is called the “JOE” or “Job Openings for Economists” and is sponsored by the American Economic Association
  9. Tyler Cowen telling you to “just publish baby” (stop procrastinating here) and (here)
  10. A PhD Comic Strip!
  11. Arnold Kling recommends a research path for new and aspiring PhD students.
  12. Job market advice for newly minted PhDs.
  13. Signaling once you are “on the market”
  14. A massive new job resource for economists

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