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One Response to “A Student Sent This to Me”

  1. Harry Wood says:

    I did not try to analyze the cartoon, which was ambiguous and left me empty without a student’s insight on Professor Rizzo’s last lecture. We get few of those.

    Wintercow, I want to tell you and your students about something I learned today. This does not fit in the above category, but I do not have time to look for it.

    Today, to sell a friend for a fundraiser, I called a friend, who is a municipal official, asking for a phone number of another municipal official, who both might want to buy pasta to support my choir.

    It turns out that some of our township officials, peers of both of the aforementioned ladies, want to take land from one of their fathers-in-law, to provide amenities for others.

    What they want is a piece of his land so others may ride their horses, dirt biles, politically correct dirt bikes, or their big asses over Mr. X’s land.

    I Had two thoughts, one of which I told my friends:

    First, if your father-in-law wants to sell the rights to his creek for a million, or whatever it might fetch, that is his privelege, but it is a crime against justice to intimidate him. I told the son of the father I would stand by him, and that I thought this was tyranny

    Second, I told them both I never wanted to give them that power, nor would I wish to have the power to take an inch of anyone’s land. You might be happy to know they both agreed. As I said to both of them, we have to stop this, once and for all.

    I also want to warn you I have given my brother theunbrokenwindow.com addy. He is a former publisher of a local paper, which he revived, in my opinion not merely for community service, but also to provide a platform for what I and the newspaper associations thought were well-written editorials. He got awards, despite his unpopular views. He knows Pat Toomey better than I.

    Wintercow, watch out for more hits on your blog.

    Best wishes to you and your lazy students,


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